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Not to be confused with Empoli, Pozzale - Empoli, via Olimpiadi
Description Circuit open probably in 1957; on April 24th-25th 1983 it was reopened after it was completely changed by Architetto Passeri. In 1986 it hosted kart Italian Championship, won by Zanardi. Aerial photo taken in 1999 shows a slighly different layout, but I don’t know when it was changed. This circuit was closed several years ago, but I don’t know exact date. In June 2013 there are rumors about a reopening of the circuit in September 2013

Description by Lorenzo Tommasi (October 2004) and by Luca from Empoli (February and March 2005); translation is mine
New Marcignana circuit was opened in 1999, but in 2000 was closed because of the usual problems about noise. It is close to the old one, and still today is in a good state, closed in a private estate. This circuit was opened in 1957 and the last race was held on June 16th 2000. In 2001 Tuscany Championship of car models was held on the new circuit.

The track is in via Lucchese between no. 209 and 211, on Marcignana road and it’s abandoned. I hardly found it, becase there are no more signs. It is close to a factory recently build, so it can’t be lengthened. Tarmac is in quite good conditions (of course talking about an abandoned track), so I can presume it was used up to 1999-2000, even if I don’t know exactly when it was abandoned. There are signs of degradation, high grass is everywhere. Pits buildings and ticket office are still there. Near to 180° hairpins somebody is cultivating artichokes. Start/finish line is on the longest straight. IMHO, this track is not bad and it could be an attracting point, as the only kart track in this area is at Ampugnano (that is quite far from) and repairing jobs would not be so hard, but installalling some sound absorbent walls. Moreover, this track is very close to Florence - Pisa - Leghorn main road, so it’s very easy to go there.
Location Marcignana, Empoli
FI - Firenze - Toscana
Location How to go there (by Lorenzo Tommasi; translation is mine)
Go on motorway A1 Milano - Napoli [Milan - Naples] and exit at Firenze Signa [Florence Signa]. Go on SGC (Strada di Grande Comunicazione, Great Communication Road) Florence [Florenze] - Pisa - Livorno [Leghorn], towards Empoli - Pisa - Livorno [Leghorn]. Exit at Empoli Ovest [West Empoli]. At first roundabout go towards Empoli, at the second one, at Terrafino, turn left and go on up to the junction; turn right. 50 m ahead on the right, close to a factory named Pico, there is a green area with a forbidden entry sign: from there you can see main entry that is at first 90° bend just after hairpins.
Latitude - Longitude + 43°43'06"     + 10°54'14"
43.718333     10.903889
UTM Coordinates X = 653364.186  -  Y = 4842350.828  -  Zone 32T
Aerial photo / Map (*)  Google Maps  -    Bing Maps  -    Flash Earth  -   Aerial photo / Map (*) Portale Cartografico Nazionale  -   Aerial photo / Map (*) Visual Pagine Gialle
Altitude AMSL 22 m - 72 ft
Inauguration 1957
Closing June 16th 2000
Sources and links (Translation) (**)
(1) Italian mail, note Mail from Luca from Empoli dated February 18th 2005 and March 22nd 2005
(2) Italian mail, note Mails from Lorenzo Tommasi dated October 20th and 22nd 2004
(3) Italian ForumForum --> Europe --> Italy --> Marcignana - Empoli - kart (ITA)
(4) Italian of Empoli - official website
(5) Italian Autosprint 24/1974 (page 45)Track approved for stock cars
(6) Italian Autosprint 28/1974 (page 44)Stock Car challenge will start on July 14th at Empoli
(7) Italian Autosprint 29/1974 (page 41)First stock race will be on July 21st, not 14th
(8) Italian Autosprint 30/1974 (page 42)Report of the first (and probably the last) stock car race
(9) Italian Rombo 16/1983 (page 85)
(10) Italian (...) [Publishing date: June 10th 2013]

(*) NOTE: a complete and detailed view of the circuit can be found (if available) on Street View by Google Maps and/or Bird's Eye and 3D views by Bing Maps for Enterprise (former Microsoft Virtual Earth): both can be reached using their own link in Aerial photo / Map cell.

(**) For on-line not-English speaking sources, click on each small flag and you open the corresponding Google Translator page with automatic translation.

Empoli, Marcignana
Years 1983
Progetto Proposal NO
No longer operational YES
Car Circuit  
Motorbike circuit  
Type Kart track
Last update of this page September 20th 2004
Info last update  
Distinctive points  
length 935  m 3068  ft 0.581  mi   (9)
Width 7  m 23  ft      (9)




Location: + 43°43'06", + 10°54'14"
If the aerial photo is not visible, you have to zoom out by clicking (maybe more then once) button ’-’ in top left corner



Photos by Luca Pacchiarini - January 2007
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Circuit entryOld ticket office

Control towerFrom the past  

Date Track layout Years Description by Map by Thanks to Note
June 17th 2013     Guido de Carli   Lorenzo Tommasi Update Description
December 6th 2007     Guido de Carli   Luca Pacchiarini New Photos (on this site)
March 30th 2005     Guido de Carli Guido de Carli Luca Pacchiarini Update Description with map
February 19th 2005     Guido de Carli     Update Description
October 25th 2004     Guido de Carli     Update Description
October 22nd 2004     Guido de Carli Guido de Carli   Update Description with map
October 21st 2004     Guido de Carli Guido de Carli   Update Description with map
September 20th 2004   1983 Guido de Carli Guido de Carli   New Description with map
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