LAS PALMAS (1994÷1998)
Not to be confused with Las Palmas (Base Aérea)
Description Circuit that hosted "Las Seis Horas Peruanas" (Peruvian 6 hours), an endurance car race in 1994÷1995 and 1998. According to Motor Racing Circuits Database, it seems me that this circuit was on a motorway, so it seems to be completely different from the circuit at Base Aérea de Las Palmas.

I have no more info, neither if track layout was the same over the years and if it was used for more races.
Location Lima (?) - Lima (Provincia)
Location I think that this circuit is in Lima, close to Las Palmas military airfield (the site pointed by coordinates), but I have no evidence about it
Latitude - Longitude (approx) - 12°09'40"     - 77°00'00"     (approx)
-12.161111     -77     (approx)
UTM Coordinates (approx) X = 282371.422  -  Y = 8654830.52  -  Zone 18L     (approx)
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Altitude AMSL (approx) 60 m - 197 ft    (approx)
Inauguration 1994
Closing 1998
Sources and links (Translation) (**)
(1) Peruvian Spanish
(2) Peruvian Spanish
(3) English www.racingcircuits.netMotor Racing Circuits Database

(*) NOTE: a complete and detailed view of the circuit can be found (if available) on Street View by Google Maps and/or Bird's Eye and 3D views by Bing Maps for Enterprise (former Microsoft Virtual Earth): both can be reached using their own link in Aerial photo / Map cell.

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Las Palmas (1994÷1998)
Progetto Proposal NO
No longer operational YES
Car Circuit YES
Motorbike circuit  
Type Street course
Inauguration 1994
Closing 1998
Last update of this page January 12th 2008
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Distinctive points  
length 2500  m 8202  ft 1.553  mi   (3)

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