Description I don’t know when it had been inaugurated; at the end of 1973 it was already in use. I have no more info.

During Quito GP, held on December 16th 1973, eleven persons were killed and fifteen were hurt after two different accidents. At first, the peruvian driver Bratzo Vicich’s car lost a wheel it hit a tribune. Few minutes later, the Panamanian driver Bell wen off of the track and he killed a soldier. The race, run by a hundred of cars of all categories, was suddenly interrupted. According to "Stadio" newspaper, authorities decided to close the circuit at least until safety would have been improved
Location Ibarra - Imbabura
Location 2 km from Ibarra, Imbabura; along Panamericana Norte (North), 80 km approx. North East of Quito
Latitude - Longitude + 0°22'55"     - 78°05'43"
0.381944     -78.095278
UTM Coordinates X = 823355.165  -  Y = 42270.969  -  Zone 17N
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Altitude AMSL (approx) 2200 m - 7218 ft    (approx)
Sources and links (Translation) (**)
(1) Ecuadorian Spanish
(2) Italian Stadio /1973Italian sporting newspaper dated December 18 th 1973. Thanks to Pier Paolo Garagnani for this info
(3) Italian Autosprint 1/1974 (page 47)
(4) Ecuadorian Spanish www.yahuarcocha.comOfficial website

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Circuito 2 - José Tobar Tobar
Direction Anticlockwise   Anticlockwise
Progetto Proposal NO
No longer operational  
Car Circuit YES
Motorbike circuit  
Type Permanent
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Distinctive points  
length 3700  m 12139  ft 2.299  mi    



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