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Description Permanent road track. Before 1996 it had already hosted motorbike world championship, Superbike world championship and a stage of world Rally of Indonesia. At the end of 1996 there were some rumors aboux a F.1 GP: the track didn’t fulfil FIA standards, but it would have been possible to adapt it with few changes. According to some sources, start/finish line should be on opposite short straight.
Track record: Mark Larkham on a F.Brabham, 1’24"853, average speed 168.008 km/h - 104.418 mph (in 1993 - last update: end of 1996)
Location Bogor - Jawa Barat - Java
Location 8 km - 5 mi from Bogor and 42 km - 26 mi from Jakarta, West Java
Latitude - Longitude - 6°32'12"     +106°51'23"
-6.536667     106.856389
UTM Coordinates X = 705270.876  -  Y = 9277091.838  -  Zone 48M
Aerial photo / Map (*)  Google Maps  -    Bing Maps  -    Flash Earth
Altitude AMSL 154 m - 505 ft
Inauguration 1994
Sources and links (Translation) (**)
(1) English
(2) English
(3) English www.racingcircuits.netMotor Racing Circuits Database
(4) English
(5) English
(6) Italian Rombo 48/1996 (page 11)

(*) NOTE: a complete and detailed view of the circuit can be found (if available) on Street View by Google Maps and/or Bird's Eye and 3D views by Bing Maps for Enterprise (former Microsoft Virtual Earth): both can be reached using their own link in Aerial photo / Map cell.

(**) For on-line not-English speaking sources, click on each small flag and you open the corresponding Google Translator page with automatic translation.

Sentul International Circuit
Direction Clockwise   Clockwise
Progetto Proposal NO
No longer operational  
Car Circuit YES
Motorbike circuit YES
Type Permanent
Last update of this page October 10th 2002
Info last update  
Distinctive points  
length 3960  m 12992  ft 2.461  mi   (2)
length 3960  m 12992  ft 2.461  mi   (6)
length 3965  m 13009  ft 2.464  mi   (1)
length 4120  m 13517  ft 2.56  mi   (4)
length 4120  m 13517  ft 2.56  mi   (3)
Width 15  m 49  ft      (1)
Min width 15  m 49  ft      (6)
Straight length 900  m 2953  ft 0.559  mi Longest straight  



Latitude - Longitude: - 6°32'12", +106°51'23"
If the aerial photo is not visible, you have to zoom out by clicking (maybe more then once) button ’-’ in top left corner

Date Track layout Years Description by Map by Thanks to Note
June 24th 2007     Guido de Carli     Update Description
March 23rd 2006     Guido de Carli     Update Description
August 10th 2005     Guido de Carli Guido de Carli   New Description with map
September 17th 2003     Guido de Carli     New Description
October 10th 2002     Guido de Carli     New Description
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Guido de Carli

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